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Placing An Advert For Your Therapy Room

Placing An Advert For Your Therapy Room

There are certain things that are crucial, when placing an advert for your therapy room. The renter has to be enticed to read the listing. On our site, you can visit www.rentatherapyroom.com/pricing and select one of the options. You will need to register or login to create a profile. Once you have created a profile, you are ready to create an ad. Your advert will initially include a title and description.


Choose a title which is catchy and contains keywords that you want to be found for. As you are listing your room on a therapy room to rent site, other things such as location or pricing may benefit you.


Make sure that you are professional and concise with the information you provide. Put yourself in the shoes of the renter and think about what he/she would like about your room. If there are things that you offer that are unique, ensure that you mention these. There is no limit in terms of word count, although too short may be insufficient and too long may not be taken in by the reader.

Contact Number

Ensure that you have a contact number present within your advert, there is also an option to select call for more info. Check that the number is accurate and also space out the number so that it is clear to read. If a mobile number use xxxxx xxx xxx (5,3,3) and accordingly if a landline with the area code, then numbers xxxx xxx xxxx (4,3,4 for Manchester, UK).



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